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SINCE 1985

We Design,
We construct,
We deliver


Sirakian deals with the manufacturing of completed sets of Solar Collectors and Bases.

Sirakian company, is based in Thessaloniki, Greece with over 3,100 m2 factory and office space and started its operation in 1985 offering high quality solar collectors products tested and approved by the Greek Authorities and delivered to you with perfection in mind.
The company was founded by Mr. Alexios Sirakian and was bequeathed to his son and current owner Mr. Andronikos Sirakian in 2004. Through our experienced staff, we were able to secure the production of quality & durable products.
Our experience in the field of Solar Collectors places us as a major player in the Greek & International markets.

The Company

We produce solar collectors, bases and connection kits. We use up to date testing for our products and our main goal is to satisfy the needs, wants and expectations of our customers. Quality, consistency and continuity are traits we adopted for over 25 years and our products meet today's ever demands of the market. Our company exports to Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Cyprus, Slovenia and FYROM and our goal is to expand our business to more foreign markets.

Task Force

Our continuous production development and the needs of our factory forces us to have excellent trained personnel.

External Collaborators

We are in continuous cooperation with certification companies with the inention to keep us informed with the most recent demands for both the Greek and foreign markets.

Transport Companies

The transport companies we work with are always present during all the loading procedures from our warehouse up to the unloading point so as for our products to reach their final destination in excellent condition.




Certification: 9983 (Strip Collectors)
Type of Solar Collectors Family:
ALS 1.5, ALS 2.0, ALS 2.3, ALS 2.5
Certification: 10061 (Full Plate Collectors)
Type of Solar Collectors Family:
AL-SF 1.5, AL-SF 1.75, AL-SF 2.0, AL-SF 2.3, AL-SF 2.5
Certification: 12071
ISO 9001: 2015
Quality Management System